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Accerlerate3D brand Identity

Accelerate3D is a startup her in Austin producing an industrial 3D printer that’s twice as fast as it’s competition. I worked with them to develop their logo and identity system.

Acquia Logo

Back in 2012, a few years after I joined Acquia, CTO Dries Buytaert asked me to re-design the company logo. The original logo was, lets say, less than great. His ask was to make it clean, simple, modern, and to express, in a subtle way, the connection to Drupal, the open-source CMS Acquia was founded to host and support. I recently went back and had a look at how it's been used over the years. I am happy to say it's held up pretty well.

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Enterprise Customer Service App

Built in Angular for a distributor of auto parts serving all of North America. this app provides CSRs the ability to search millions of products and fulfill orders through a complex hub-and-spoke supply chain. It was a full re-build of a decades-old legacy system that required deep user research, several months of prototyping, development and roll-out. The app leverages the Clarity design system from VMware and was engineered by the Angular experts at NRWL.

Distraction-free Authoring

When I was re-designing Drupal 8 we realized that it was time to take CMS content authoring to the next level. Users did not want the process of writing to feel like filling out a form, they want a clean white page, and the tools they need when they need them. The recent launch of Medium hd shown that authors didn't want to be distracted by clutter. This work led to a number of feature improvements to Drupal core and influenced related projects like Paragraphs and Material Admin.

Consumer Products Brand and Packaging

Recently my wife, a food brand influencer who writes the food blog keepingitsimpleblog.com has launched a brand of baking mixes that use heritage, organic, and ancient grains. It's given me an opportunity to dust off brand and packaging design skills I haven't used in more than a decade; and it's been a whole lot of fun.